How to Search for a Villa
Villa Finder Our Villa Search is designed to help you find the perfect villa. Simply enter what you are looking for, and the program will match your specifications with the Villas in our database.

With our Villa Search or finder, you can be as specific, or as general as you want. If you want to stay at a villa in France, but have no size or price restrictions, simply enter in "France" in the "Destination" field, and all the listings from France will be displayed. If you are searching for a Villa listing using more than one word (eg: "St Catherine’s Court") separate the words with a space. The more fields you enter into the search, the more specialized the list will be. Since the results only show the Villas that match your specifications, it's easier to find your "Dream" Villa Vacation.

Destination  The desired location of your Villa vacation. You can search by both Country and City/Location (eg: Scotland, Paris, etc.).

Weekly Price Range  Select your desired price range.

Min. # of Beds  Enter the minimum amount of bedrooms you need to accommodate you and your guests.

Min. # of Baths  Specify the minimum amount of baths you need to accommodate you and your guests.

Rating  Specify a rating for your Villa Destination. (eg: 5 star)

Name of Villa  If you know the name of the Villa you would specifically like to stay at, you can search for it here.